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Thank you for your interest in Gold Coast Aquarium Service, Inc. We are a full service aquarium maintenance and installation company.

We specialize in any shape and size aquarium, any color and material combination on stand and canopies, using only the highest quality material and products. We offer aquariums you cannot find in the neighborhood fish store. There are endless possibilities.

We strive to maintain the highest quality craftsmanship in both installation and maintenance by using only proven quality parts and products that are best suited to the particular aquarium environment. Our service technicians are professional and have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of aquarium installation and service. Also, we only use parts that work and that last. For example, our systems are designed from 14 years of experience in aquarium and filter service. We give dependable estimates and our prices include set up and delivery. Our fish and sea life are quarantined before being put in an aquarium to ensure a healthy environment.

We Offer aquariums for:
Corporate trade show booths
Advertising possibilities

We also offer:
Custom reef fabrication
Service and maintenance
Living reefs
Fresh and saltwater environments
Custom wall installations
Stand alone units (including bow front, cylinder, and table aquariums)

Please give us a call if you require further information or would like us to give you a quote. Or call for an appointment to see some of our aquariums at our showroom.

Gold Coast Aquarium Service, Inc.